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Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado

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Rock is just as much as a part of me as folk is and playing both teaches you to find the groove". While in Boston Terry lived with a local blues band for about six weeks, whose members featured J. Geils Band. Terry took over Dick's room after he returned to college for a few semesters and Terry once played a show with Danny on wash tub bass at a local club named the "Sword and Stone".

Back in San Francisco word started to spread about Terry and he soon found himself a popular performer Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado bay area clubs, coffee houses, colleges, concerts, festivals and other happenings opening for B. Their manager Bob Strand booked Terry as an opening act on numerous shows with Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado and many others as well, this is Close Watch - John Cale - Music For A New Society he met Greg Douglass and they'd forge a friendship that still continues to this day.

At one point while Elvin Bishop was hosting invitational jam nights at the Keystone in Berkeley and Jerry Garcia was hosting comparable nights at the Matrix in San Francisco, Terry Dolan, a well respected artist and a powerful singer in his own rightorganised the Acoustic Festivals on Tuesday nights at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco.

They were congenial showcases for folk musicians and featured upwards of ten acts a week and while Terry's role was baically a supervisory one he'd often perform a set of his original material as well. Jumping ahead to August of and with the help of a friend who was a roadie for Quicksilver Messenger Service ; Terry got in touch with Nicky Hopkins and approached him about producing some songs.

Nicky called John Cipollina at the last minute and he came down to join them. Although never released on disc at the time a tape copy of "Inlaws" unofficially beacme a number one hit on KSAN where Bob McClay played it almost every day Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado over a year. It was around this time that Terry met fellow folkie Dallas Williams, who not only turned Terry on to Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado writings of James Non-Conformist Wilderbeast Man - Amboy Dukes* - Marriage On The Rocks - Rock Bottom and Dylan Thomas, but they became fast friends too.

To this day Terry is still surprised that they even used his track in the final mix. By the way this session is where Terry met future "Pirate" David Hayes, and they have been good friends ever since. Records, this was around the same time that Stonegound was signed.

Nicky Hopkins was brought in as the producer and piano player for the album. Sim months lapsed and Pete Sears, who had played with Stoneground, Copperhead, Rod Stewart, Silver Metre and many others came in to finish producing siide two and to play bass and keyboards. Warner's' assigned it a catalog number BSthey designed front and back cover art, made up some test pressings and even went as far as to advertise the upcoming release in their Circular an indistry promo magazine and then shelved the record and dropped Terry.

No reason was ever given but there has been much speculation about it over the Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silveradowas it because of the falling out between Tom Donahue and the suits at Warner Bros. Or could it have been the difference in the production between side one and side two or was it the six months that it took to complete the record, I'll guess we'll never know?

Terry looks back on his almost big break as a "suicide run". Here you have two very fine musicians who had never really produced anything before and Terry who had limited recording experience. Terry says "although it's no insult to anyone, we basically started by recording some singles and by the time we came back in and finished it I guess Warner's had just lost Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado.

They didn't even bother to tell me. I Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado out after making some enquiries on my own". Although it depressed Terry for a while and he briefly stopped playing, he never considered giving up Hanging Tree - Junior Delgado - Hanging Tree armed with his Leo tendencies he recharged his batteries and got ready for the next phase.

They played to a receptive crowd and rocked the roof off the place. It was released as a limited edition of 3, copies on a small Italian record label named "Wild Bunch" later that same year. In a 2 CD bootleg based on the limited edition cassettes was released in Luxenburg. They flew for seventeen hours on a crappy airline and were booked in to cramped hotel rooms and as Terry put it "the weather was freezing ass cold". At one gig they received six encores and John wanted to do more.

Greg Douglass was sorely missed on this tour by everyone especially because of the onstage interction and guitar interplay between he and John. Thank God David Hayes and Greg Elmore were there laying down the foundation and holding down Didn`t Matter Anyway - Hatfield And The North - The Rotters Club bottom end so Cipollina could go on his guitar excursions, while Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silveradositting at the piano very stolically, like Schroder, could go on those fabulous piano runs that he was famous for, he may not move his body much, but his fingers sure do get one helluva workout.

And let's not forget Terry Dolan out in front doing what he does best, delivering the goods on vocals and strumming madly on his rhythm guitar bringing it all together.

They triumphantly returned to America to play to sell out crowds at The Keystone's and the River Theatre and then continued to kick-ass everywhere they played. They were a band that played with conviction, as if every song were an encore, providing some of the best gut level, hard driving, free form rock music ever, making every gig a momenteous event to behold.

After long time Pirate John Cipollina passed away on May 29, it seemed at that point to be an appropriate time to "strike the colors" and call it a day. After all, Terry's band mates were busy with other projects or had moved from the area, it was then he returned to his folk roots just as he did in There are many stand out tracks on this record amd some even feel this to be one of the Pirates' best albums ever released.

In Terry went back in to the studio and recorded his last studio album "Still A Pirate", this of course was another all-star affair, and considered by Terry to be one of Tomorrow And Tonight - Kiss - Alive II best albums.

Currently there are two other CDs in the works with an Italian label. Never have truer words been spoken, and if you ever saw them live, you know what I mean. Like all good pirates that bury their treasure so they can come back to it later to bask in the glory of the fruits from their labors and enjoy the bounty of thier success Terry And The Pirates would be no exception!

It was here that we unearthed the mother lode of tapes for which this collection of music was compiled. The "Pirates" never being ones to pass up on a good thing accepted an offer to go in to the recording studio with Freeway covering all of their expenses. It was always Terry's every intention to go back and add Cipollina to these recordings but unfortunately that never happened, but if you close your eyes and listen real hard, I think you can still hear him. This is the original version of "Vain River".

Terry later re-recorded it on his album "Still A Pirate". There is a live version of "Sweet Emotions" with John Cipollina on the album "Silverado Trail", but that version is without Greg Douglass, because he was on the road with Greg Kihn at Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado time. One of the problems of "The Pirates" was finding them all home from the road long enough for Terry to assemble them for a gig.

On October 25, from a rehearsal for an upcoming gig on Halloween comes "Through The Willows", this is one of the few known recordings of this song.

Cipollina was not present for this rehearsal because he was busy Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado for a Halloween gig with the Novato Frank Band at the Inn of the Beginning on Cotati, California. The full on, balls to the wall studio version can be found on the album "Wind Dancer" and there is a "killer" live version on the CD release of "Too Close For Comfort".

Terry's love for the history of the American Indians and the days of the olde west influenced this psychedelic western styled instrumental called "Comanche Boots". This is Terry's musical landscape interpretation of a Charles Russell or Frederick Remington painting. The Pirates recorded two versions of "All In Your Mind" - one with lyrics which is included here and the other being an instrumental. Greg really did outdo himself writing this one, Terry sings the vocals.

The album closes with a special treat, a never before released live version of "Jungle Love". Steve Miller not only records the song but hires Greg Douglass as well, in part because he couldn't figure out how to play it, but mostly because of Greg's guitar playing ability. It was a lot of fun sifting through Terry's cache of music to create this compilation, I'd been after him for years Tamure Paumoto (Fun In Paumoto) - Various - Drums Of Bora Bora And Songs Of Tahiti cut loose with some of these recordings and he was always holding out for the right time, well my friends that time has finally arrived.

Since that time both John Cipollina and Nicky Hopkins have passed It Couldnt Be Ann - From Bandwagon - Various - Studio (Original Soundtracks), and over the ensuing years with all of the hard rocking and partying that has transpired and considering just the passage of time alone, it may have left some the band's memories a little hazy.

I know if John was still around he'd probably be able Adagio-Pas DAction (Rose Adagio, Act I) - Tschaikowsky* / Orchester Des Teatro Dell Opera, Rom* write a book about it, but since he's not we'll try to tell you the story as best we can.

The cold weather conditions of going to Germany in the dead of winter is not the most perfect setting for a Summer Investigation - Howard Shore - Spotlight of musicians who were accustomed to the bright sunshine and idyllic hills of picturesque Marin County in Northern California; but when you live to play the music that you love, you really don't have any choice, but to go and follow your muse.

This tour was going to be a little strange because their guitarist Greg Douglass had prior tour commitments with the Greg Kihn Band and would be unable to be a part of it, so Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, David Hayes, Greg Elmore and Nicky Hopkins would have to go on without him. The night before they were to leave for Germany their wives and girlfriends made sure to "keep the boys busy" until the wee wee hours to help ensure that they would behave themselves while on tour.

No one is talking as to whether this tactic worked or not and maybe that's a good thing, but the general consensus was if they weren't traveling, getting a quick bite to eat, doing a sound check or playing a gig, they were trying to get a little shut eye in between. The next day Thursday December 2nd began with an early morning wakeup call, then everybody piling in to the limousine for the ride to the airport.

These were going to be some hard gigs for the Pirates' starting with a 8 hour flight to Kennedy airport in New York then a twelve hour flight from New York to Brussels, and after that it was a long arduous train ride to Amsterdam for their first show arriving dead tired on zero sleep.

Did the promoter really not know who was going to be playing that night? Terry Dolan - Our first gig was in Amsterdam on December 4th and it was hard on us because we didn't have any sleep the night before and we gave them one helluva show and they gave us very little in response for all of our efforts. I thought Amsterdam audiences sucked and were lame; they just stood there and barley clapped.

We didn't know what to think of all this. He reassures us that we were great; and tells us how their audiences very rarely give anybody an encore, and how they gave us two". The band already exhausted by this time from their long trip and wired from playing "Rock-n-Roll" through their bodies until well after AM had to be up at six in the morning.

When they awoke to continue on their way they Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado concurred that this tour was murder and drove off to their next gig. If you want to know about this story you'll have to ask Terry in person.

They finally had to practically drag him off the stage, because they wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep before getting up the next morning to go play their third and final gig in Hamburg Germany the next day.

The band played an amazing and blazing set of pure adrenalin filled music for minutes that just poured out of them, spilling on to the floor of the club and drenching everybody in its wake. This concert event was filmed and recorded for Rockpalast, a German Television program which aired it for years in Europe. It was horrible. We were early for the train to Amsterdam so we went to a restaurant for breakfast and were refused service.

I guess we were too scary for the owner. Nicky called him a "Fat Belgian Bastard" and we went to the train station and ate rolls. We did a great gig in Holland and went on to Germany on a roll and after that nailed the TV show.

Then we schlepped home. It was exhausting but fun, actually. When I listen back to our records I'm amazed and happy at how Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado they still sound after all this time and how great we played together. Not only did we connect well on stage, but we were good friends off stage too. I just wish that Greg Douglass would have been with us". I do remember that we had a ton of fun hanging out and playing some great music together and how much the fans loved every minute of it too, just as much Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado we did".

Terry Dolan - By the end of the tour, especially after the Rockpalast show, it was all starting to take its toll on us. We had three gigs in three days straight, mostly without sleep and on top of it being jet lagged to shit. Not to mention having to put up with freezing weather, lousy transportation, and tiny hotel rooms with barely Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado heat.

This only made us long even more for our comfy homes and loving families in the Bay Area who were anxiously awaiting our homecoming. It was released as a limited edition of 3, copies on a small Italian record label named "Wild Bunch" later that same year, Over the next number of years Terry would release several more recordings including "Doubtful Handshake" ; "Wind Dancer" ; "Rising of the Moon" ; "Acoustic Rangers"; and some limited edition cassette only releases; "In The Beginning", "Untitled", "The First Round Up", and "Acoustic Strangers".

Dolan - Whirlwind Chaser B. Miner and B. InTerry Dolan reformed the group with a new composition, continuing to perform in the late s and s.

Despite their popularity in the Bay Area the band failed to sign to a major label but did record several albums for smaller labels. However some tracks on their first album are from a recording session in which included Dolan, Douglass, Cipollina, Nicky Hopkins, Lonnie Turner and others. The band played intermittently during these years dependant on the other commitments of these musicians. The group disbanded following the death of John Cipollina in Terry Dolan reformed the band in with a new line-up.

That was almost forty years and a lot of brain cells ago, and against all odss we are still pals to this day. Much of the magic came from the synergy between John and I. When John and I went toe to toe, it Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado nuclear guitar fission.

We never did figure out why we worked so well together, but damn, it was good when it did! My memories of playing with John on-stage are Battle Of Jericho - George Hammond - Hammond A Gogo my brain right next to the ones about great sex and dirty jokes, and that is a sacred place indeed.

I miss him deeply, and wish he was here today to see me with my shit together. There are scores of Pirates out there, and each of them is my musical brother, but T. One final thought before you put this CD on your stereo, boom box or whatever; listening to these recordings will be just like being at a Pirates gig, except without the bad breath. We will always be Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado fine Pirates! The album was compiled from various live shows, recorded on cassette, using one stereo microphone.

Sweet Emotions. I Can't Dance. Tom T. Heartbeatin' Away. Silverado Trail. Follow Her Around. David Hayes. Rising of the Moon. Mustang Ride. Gun Metal Blues. Inlaws and Outlaws. Nighthawkin' the Dawn. All Worth the Price. Ain't Livin' Long Like This. Rodney Crowell. Something to Lose. Track Listing - Disc 2. Freddie King. The Beginning. So Who Asked Ya. Country Plow. Montana Eyes. I Put a Spell on You. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Yankee Son. Spontaneous Combustion.


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    Buy Mp3 Music Online / Terry & The Pirates / Return To Silverado (Vinyl) CD2. Terry & The Pirates — Return To Silverado (Vinyl) CD2. $ Return To Silverado (Vinyl) CD1 The Doubtful Handshake Too Close For Comfort Something To Lose: $ $ Buy selected Add to Cart.
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    Sep 17,  · I saw Terry and the Pirates play at the old Winterland in San Francisco and I was mesmerized. Later I learned that the band was composed of guys from other bands like Quicksilver, Van Morrison, Steve Miller & more who got together for the pure love of the music thus the name - Pirates, behind the songwriter Terry Dolan.4/5(4).
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    This unique and special version of the Terry & The Pirates classic "Something To Lose" was recorded as a demo with just Terry and John in The full on, balls to the wall studio version can be found on the album "Wind Dancer" and there is a "killer" live version on the CD release of "Too Close For Comfort".
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    Terry & The Pirates - Too Close For Comfort ( great us west coast rock - re-released Legend Records - Wave) The original 'Too Close For Comfort' was mastered by Dan Healy with Terry Dolan and John Cipollina on July 30th, at Healy's Hell Hole, Forest Knolls, California.
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    Songtexte und Videos vom Album Return to Silverado von Terry & The Pirates und vieles mehr findest du auf zommmn.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo
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    Get Terry & The Pirates setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Terry & The Pirates fans for free on zommmn.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo! Terry & The Pirates Concert Setlists | zommmn.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo Sign in to get statistics for your attended concerts!
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    This item: Return To Silverado by Terry & The Pirates Audio CD £ Only 1 left in stock. Sent from and sold by groove_temple. £ delivery. Comanche Boots by Terry & The Pirates Audio CD £ Something To Lose. Product description Product Description. A Quicksilver Messenger Service spin off band formed in that continued 5/5(1).
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    Anonyme a dit Just back from a trip to Concord NH - super surprise to see this posting. Great treat for the new week. Once again thanks for all of the last run of Cipollina related music - .
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    Buy Mp3 Music Online / Terry & The Pirates / Return To Silverado (Vinyl) CD1. Terry & The Pirates — Return To Silverado (Vinyl) CD1. $ Return To Silverado (Vinyl) CD2 The Doubtful Handshake Too Close For Comfort Something To Lose: $ $ Buy selected Add to Cart.
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    DVD Terry & The Pirates - Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Vol.5 - order at Amazon - DVD Info. Cipollina, John/ Nick Gravenites Band - Rockpalast: West Coast Legends Vol. 1 (DVD) - order now at Amazon! DVD Info. Return To Silverado Vol. 1 Doppel-CD - bei Amazon bestellen! Tin Man Was a Dreamer - Nicky Hopkins Audio CD - bei Amazon bestellen!

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