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Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair, c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The

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You had to have a whole bunch of tools to do it well-which I still have. I got stencils. CL: I heard they don't make parts for mimeograph machines anymore. ES: well, they do what they do for old Dodges. You need a loner, they're out there, there are still people today who mimeograph as an artform. So I trained myself, and got these real small engraving tools which I used on the stencil film.

CL: those lost technologies are kind of fascinating. ES: Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair, ya see, they didn't keep William Blake's heavy stone press he had, they just got rid of it. They should've kept it and his engraving tools - there just isn't anything around.

They all got dispersed and sold. CL: that's great you kept everything. ES: whatever University winds up with my archives has to have my mimeograph machine, that's gonna be part of the deal. Were you in touch with any other Mid-western presses like the one out of the Asphodel bookstore? ES: D. Levy bought a letter press in '63 and through '66, until his suicide he printed really brilliant books-he mimeographed and letter pressed.

CL: that's great. ES: it was quite a beautiful collaged tabloid, that ran ads. He was in trouble all the time in Cleveland, with the law. He came once to New York, to my bookstore-D.

And the mimeograph revolution was a great statement from the left and John and I and D. Levy and others were brothers and sisters under those banners, so it came about during an era of a lot of war money, the Vietnam war, so the livin' was cheap, art was affordable, it was very affordable to put out these things.

CL: do you recall any other mimeograph presses? At poetry readings in the Lower East Side, there was a guy who came around and published a magazine right on the spot, he had his equipment right there and wrote down the stuff and got it printed-there was the instant quality -the instant gratification to be able to instantly put together a magazine or a broadside. I don't have the specific memories of other presses but there are University libraries that specifically collect this stuff, the Labadie Library at University of Michigan is one of them, also Brown University and the University of Texas.

There were these web presses that could very cheaply print newsprint-like The NATION, tabloid style, you could print a copies of an 8 or 16 page newspaper in half an hour. Did you do those? ES: It was an actual bookstore, that did very well actually, so I had a staff, a lot of the ads were done by managers and people working there.

CL: was that the event where people circled the Pentagon and put daisies in the rifles? ES: Tuli c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The I bought the daises. Originally, we made arrangements for a small plane to fly over the Pentagon! CL: you were going to drop the flowers over the Pentagon?

ES: not me personally, but we made arrangements. We also had a cow that was painted in psychedelic paint with a lot of occult symbols. CL: there was a famous photograph taken there that won the photographer the Pulitzer prize.

It appeared in Life Magazine -it shows a long haired kid stuffing a daisy into a rifle pointed at him. He was on his way to San Francisco with Irving. ES: It was a Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair time, what can I say?

ES: No. I use the stuff. I'm writing Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair 9 volume history of the United States and I'm right in the middle of it. Three volumes have been published and I'm busy.

I used a lot of my files for that and c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The should come out by winter of next year. ES: Yes, volume three just came out and four will be out in about a year. Yeah, so I got something to do. CL: Is Treat Her Right - Johnny Thunders & Patti Palladin - Copy Cats how you met Tuli? CL: what's that noise in the background, it sounds like a parakeet.

ES: That's my Cockatiel. What is particularly striking is the decline in the number of Scandinavian entries. German and Dutch films, however, are very present in the competition. Of course, the outstanding animated films for the most little ones from 3 years of age and films for primary school children are also included in The films concentrate on children and young people themselves; adults often play supporting roles at most.

This trend, already observed incontinues in The big themes this year are cities and media, as well as growing up in patchwork families. And sometimes it can be seen that children and teenagers in South Africa or Poland struggle with the same problems Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair those here in Germany.

For the first time we will be giving a special presentation for our Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair viewers from 3 years of age in cooperation with the Oberhausen Migration Council and the Emek Intercultural Kindergarten. The world of moving images will be explored with games and fun using the competition films. The screening for teachers is also new: in the run-up to the Short Film Festival, teachers will be given insights into the programmes and educational materials to use in their teaching.

Aber manchmal ist er auch ziemlich klein. Findet Peter. Peter Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair quite a big boy, says mum. But sometimes he is also quite little. Thinks Peter. And ponders a bit: about being little and growing up. Manchmal sind sie albern, manchmal clever. They are sometimes silly and sometimes smart.

Through their entertaining antics, young audiences learn basic, simple concepts such as words, numbers and names of animals. Sie schlafen in seinem Zimmer und schon bald ist es ziemlich voll. On his way home Aston finds stones. They are lonely, bored and frozen, so he picks them up and takes care of them. They sleep in his room and it soon gets crowded.

His daddy suggests that the stones could go on a vacation to the beach. A little jerboa lives with her mum. One day she makes so c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The silly things that her mum becomes very angry.

The little jerboa believes that her mum does not love her anymore. She runs away to find another mum. They are emotionally involved in everything, most of all they are afraid of the appearance of the wolf. Ihre Eltern waren arme Bauern. Als sie nichts mehr zu essen hatten, beschloss Leilas Vater, sie gegen einen Sack Hirse zu tauschen … Leila lived in a village with her seven brothers and her parents who were poor farmers.

Bruining, F. What do you need to tell a story? Paper, a pencil, a knife Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair sharpen the pencil, a pen and a pot of ink, a table, a lightbulb, nails, some other stuff, a secretive mouse and an innocent little girl.

The slightly different winter sport: ski jumping while lying. Welten und Tageszeiten treffen aufeinander. Squirrel and bat. Worlds and times of day collide. The wheelwork in the underworld controls day, night and some things more. Window Up Above - Various - 40 Golden Country Hits an accident this regulated routine comes to a standstill.

So the shared journey of the two loners begins. At home the baby twins make a lot of noise. Er rollt und rollt. Die Rolltreppe hinauf. A little green apple falls from a weighing dish. It rolls through the streets. It rolls and rolls. Across the busy crossroads. Up the escalator. The little apple is actually quite big. The film shows a new trend in youth culture — parkour — an art of moving in the city. They call themselves tracers. An Indian is caught in a series of weird experiences, revealing mysteries of time and space.

Minehira, L. Cadaval www. A young boy with battered old trainers discovers that life has a new meaning when he chances upon a brand new pair of leather shoes. Lena is deaf, for her Felix learns sign language. Alpert, O. Thormeyer, W. Der Schokoladenhase kommt an das Feel So Cold - Orange Cake Mix - Grapefruit und schmilzt. Alles ist rosa. Die Infrarotlampe geht an und schmilzt dem Hasen den Kopf weg.

Alles ist blau. A hand holds an iron. The chocolate hare touches the c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The and melts. Eine couragierte Giraffe hat genug von der Situation, doch ihre Entscheidung hat drastische Konsequenzen: Sie wird des Landes verwiesen. Und es ist nicht einfach, sich ein neues Leben aufzubauen. In Djambali, the whole water is rerouted by Sir Lion to supply his swimming-pool.

Klasse recommended for teenagers from 14 years onward forms 9 and 10 Juvenile Jugendlich Kamera Susi C.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The Die Geschichte eines alleinerziehenden Vaters und seiner Tochter, die ihren ersten Freund mit nach Hause bringt. Juvenile is the story of a single parent with a teenage daughter and the day she brings her first boyfriend home. The Big Chance - The Bee Gees* - Claustrophobia of year-old Rosan.

Soon she finds out that God Only Knows - The Beach Boys - The Very Best Of The Beach Boys webcam recordings are the only way to express her deeper emotions.

A fun look at how we can destroy the world Sparks - Get In The Swing and better. Drehbuch P. Bishop, S. Baldwin, M. At school Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair stronger boy Christian is extremely mean to him.

A young girl enters hostile territory when she steps into a guitar shop for the first time, and collides with the store owner, a self-obsessed aging rocker. The long train rides between two homes are the only way for Oona to maintain a good relationship with both loving parents. The chasing of a mouse by a cat using five different animation techniques. Luyet, Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair. Schwizgebel, D. Delachaux, C. Barras, R. I knew that was true because of the one time we went camping.

Mom has a new boyfriend, and it seems there is no longer any space for Frederikke … DarstellerInnen Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair. Rihan, M. Rasmussen, J. Vertrieb Danish Film Institute Velsignelsen. Doch warum spielt er nicht mit ihnen? A little boy is playing football commentator on the game of other children in the street. Miriam 10 is bullied because she lisps. This is the story about daring to do what you never dared to do before. Untertiteln Marek lernt Wioletta kennen, die alles durcheinander bringt.

Marek meets Wioletta who turns everything upside down. A film about first love. Mit neuem Selbstvertrauen wird Dean endlich auf eine coole Party eingeladen. Then he meets Tasha, a small-town girl and they fall in love. Newly confident, Dean is finally invited to one of the cool parties.

Untertiteln Regie, Drehbuch Matthew A. Mara meets Gregor, who uses girls from the neighbourhood for little criminal duties. She falls for him but betrays him when he cannot return her feelings. The Sound of People is the story of a moment in the life of an year-old boy, Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair on the brink of his life and death. Suddenly Rosa realises that someone stole her mobile.

Das Reglement des Preises sieht u. April bis zum 1. The rules of the competition stipulate that the direction or production of the videos must have been based in Germany. The music has to be available for purchase Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair publicly accessible on the Internet. An international jury chooses the winners from among the twelve nominated works during the festival. The prizes go only to the directors. The winning video will receive E in prize money.

For a long time now, the artistic autonomy of the nominated videos has had nothing in common with the commercial constraints of the music industry. The music clip is still a field for experiment and unusual presentations. The musical spectrum of the candidates ranges from pop ballads and experimental hip-hop to electro-acoustic sound images. Launched in as the first festival prize for music videos in the world, the MuVi competition has presented an extraordinary formal range in the ten years of its existence.

The Short Film Festival buys the nominated works for its archive. Lebt und arbeitet in Sheffield. Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair and works in Sheffield. Jelinek ist Mitglied der Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples. Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Jelinek is a member of the Society for the Emancipation of the Sample.

Lives and works in Berlin. Geboren in Haarlem, Niederlande. Abschluss am Sandberg Institute. Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair, L. Maurer, E. Paulus und R. Wouters erfahren. Lebt und arbeitet in Amsterdam.

Born in Haarlem in Graduated at the Sandberg Institute. Works as independent designer and currently as teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute. Paulus and R. Lives and works in Amsterdam. Kontakt FH Wiesbaden, Prof. Motiondesign ist nicht angesagt. Die Zahl neuer RegisseurInnen, die interessante Sachen machen, nimmt merklich zu.

Die Vermischung und die gegenseitigen Anleihen waren noch nie deutlicher. Das Musikvideo ist wieder bei seinen Wurzeln angelangt. Das Durchforsten wichtiger Konzepte durch die MeisterInnen der Videokunst wurde paradoxerweise von der Unmittelbarkeit der Webcam-Hits von YouTube und Void Version - The Bug - Exit (File) Spon- Dynamic flux is the natural state for the music video artform.

The TV station with the three-letter acronym that once dominated pop promo culture has been emphatically sidelined to the offline broadcast past, rendered obsolete in an online age where the embed is king.

Without a dominating presence channelling us prescribed, sanctioned and often sanitised artist clips, Thats The Way (I Like It) - The Lovelets - Erotic Sax - 9a Raccolta is harder in the music video world to discern any major overriding theme. Music video is having a muted moment. There are no great dominating presences, no great white hopes.

The visual blockbusters are few and far between. Motion graphics are not hot. Stop motion feels so last year. Not at all. Is there anything to get animated about? Of course. A brief flash of neon, and a splash of CMYK may be all we get at the moment in terms of visual trends, but the creative threads directors in the field are currently exploring are still an enticing proposition. The next wave is rolling in, and it is not a stylistic one but conceptual.

There is a significant swell in emerging directors creating interesting work. They are tinkering and developing ideas c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The from being pulled along by c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The dominating currents.

These clips use natural environment to the fullest, and camera composition is defiantly freeform. Director Roel Wouters focusses in on a glossy black ball rolling over a monochrome, geometric landscape evoking early computer animation experiments, only to pull away to reveal a simple handcranked cylinder which is being used to perpetrate the illusion. The video performance as performance art — as video art — has never been nearer. This intermingling and borrowing has never been clearer.

Music video has gone back to basics. This unthinking obedience here is not stopped even by the constant attempt to instil in the people the will to individuality. Individuality remains decoration, part of the functioning machine. Was so gekonnt und anmutig erscheint, ist aus der Not geboren. Er entwickelte seine Fortbewegungsmethode in Perfektion.

Ein Tanz in einer Einstellung. A trip through the city on skateboard and crutches. What looks so skilful and graceful, is actually born of necessity. The protagonist, Bill Shannon, has been born with Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair defect hip; his legs could not carry his weight.

He has practised his way of movement to perfection. A dance in one take. Dann erscheinen Springer mit Papptafeln und bunten Kartons. Mit analogen Mitteln wird ein digitales Tableau der Spezialeffekte erschaffen. Eine Live-Performance in einer Einstellung, die exakt so lang dauert, bis der Ladebalken abgelaufen ist. Then jumpers with carton boards and colourful boxes appear. A digital tableau of special effects is created by analogue means. A live performance Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair one take, lasting exactly as long as the loading bar takes to expire.

A new chapter of the online furore. Only weeks after its release, overusers had seen the clip. Das erzeugt Unbehagen — wie immer, wenn eine ideale Konstante unserer Wahrnehmung irritiert wird.

This makes us feel uneasy — as is always the case, when an ideal constant of our perception is being irritated. By means of infrared optics, Jaron Alberin creates a universe of hell, populated by seemingly transparent beings. Someone is stoking up a fire; fluids are flowing over porcelain-like bodies, black tears flowing over cheeks. An eerily beautiful underworld.

This is a long documentation lasting more than ten minutes, in which interviews, concert performances and music videos by the band are strung together and create a new form in which the real and the imaginary become indistinguishable. Here, it is no longer a matter of promoting a single piece of music, but a whole world of images with which this music adorns itself, a form of life.

Everything only exists for the moment. Everything comes from form and returns to form as a draft, temporary existence. Layers of paper overlie each other to create an absurd theatre of form that continues jerkily and sometimes violently. Here, childhood is a paradise to which one would not like to return. Menschen schauen in die Kamera und weinen. A seemingly simple documentation turns into an action thriller of the emotions.

People look into the camera and cry. At the same time, however, it is also c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The series of portraits that afflicts the gaze looking at us with a c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The shame and seems to demand an encounter.

In other words, the last thing one would have expected from a music video. Am Ende wird man kein Gesicht erkannt haben. The face of the singer undergoes endless transformations by means of a c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The of simple mechanical operations, adhesive strips, plastic bags or clothes pegs. C.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The makes singing itself difficult and grimacing natural. By the end, no face will have been recognised.

A group picture from days gone by. What seems so ordinary is reduced to absurdity, and all of a sudden the ladies involuntarily become a medium of the sound: submissive and thus perfect music machines.

Rote Farbe spritzt auf Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair Walze. Yanovsky subsequently left the band and was replaced by Jerry Yester This Place Is Empty - The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang, after which the band's musical style veered away from its previous eclectic blend and became more pop-oriented.

Sebastian left the Lovin' Spoonful in and did not play with any later versions of the band, except for a brief reunion with the other three original members to appear in Paul Simon 's film One-Trick Pony Polythene Pam - The Beatles - Abbey Road, and again for a single performance at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in One of Sebastian's first projects after leaving the Spoonful was composing the music and lyrics for a play with music, Jimmy Shinewritten by Murray Schisgal.

It opened on Broadway in Decemberwith Dustin Hoffman in the title role, and ran until Aprilfor a total of over performances. White 's Charlotte's Web in consultation with his godfather Garth Williams, who illustrated White's original book. The proposed musical included 20 songs, some of which Sebastian performed in concert, but the musical was never produced.

In AugustSebastian made an unscheduled appearance at Woodstock. He traveled to the festival as a spectator, but was asked to appear when the organizers suddenly needed an acoustic performer after a rain break because they couldn't set up amps on stage for Santana until the water was swept off. Sebastian's Woodstock set consisted of three songs from his recorded but Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair yet released John B.

Documentary remarks by festival organizers indicated that Sebastian was under the influence of marijuana or other psychedelic drugs [39] [40] at the time, hence his spontaneity and casual, unplanned set. In fact, I had a small part of some pill that someone gave me before I went onstage, but it wasn't a real acid feeling.

Twenty-five years later, he returned for Woodstock '94playing harmonica for Crosby, Stills and Nash and appearing with his c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The band, the J-Band. In Septembera month after Woodstock, Sebastian performed a similar set of solo and Spoonful material at the Big Sur Folk Festival and was featured in the subsequent documentary Celebration at Big Sur Recordshis eponymous solo debut, John B.

It was Sebastian's highest-charting solo album, reaching No. Sebastian album, under a different cover, and a live album, John Sebastian Live ; both were later withdrawn from the market. He considered forming a permanent band with them, but Harris and Taylor chose to join Stephen Stills' band Manassas.

Sebastian, George and Everly also briefly considered forming a supergroup but abandoned the idea. Sebastian has stated that his musical career suffered in the early s from being out of step with the trends set by emerging artists such as Alice Cooperand that he made more money by Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair and selling real estate than he did from his music.

After Tarzana Kid failed to chart, Sebastian sought a release from his Reprise contract, which required him to make one more album. However, inSebastian had an unexpected No. The song, Sebastian's only top 40 solo hit, found new life 28 years later when a sample from it became the hook for rapper Mase 's hit " Welcome Back ". The box set also included live recordings of Sebastian's entire Woodstock performance and six previously unreleased songs recorded in mono from a performance at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco on October 4, During the s and s, Sebastian guested on a number of recordings by other artists.

He played harmonica Απανωτά - Σταύρος Ζούμπας - Μαγικές Επαφές the Doors on the song " Roadhouse Blues " from the album Morrison Hotelunder the pseudonym G. Pugliese to avoid problems with his contract [54] and to avoid association with Jim Morrisonwho was then facing trial on charges of lewd behavior after the Miami concert incident.

The album was later re-titled " If You Could Read My Mind " when the song of that name unexpectedly became a major hit. Since the s, Sebastian has been active in several music-related areas, not only writing and performing his own material but also performing roots music, developing soundtrack and instructional material, hosting and appearing on television programs, and writing a children's book about a harmonica-playing Carovaniere - Luciano Virgili - Le Più Belle Di Luciano Virgili. Sebastian has continued to tour and play live, both solo and with a variety of backing bands.

He has said that NRBQ "to a large extent, picked up where The Lovin' Spoonful left off" because of NRBQ's "wide range of musical styles that they're not only able but accurate at playing," and he expressed appreciation for NRBQ's support during a low point in his career. Sebastian's live performances in the s have included performing as a trio with country blues duo Paul Rishell and Annie Raines in ; touring with Maria Muldaur and her Garden of Joy jug band in ; and occasional appearances with mandolinist David Grismanwith whom Sebastian played in the Even Dozen Jug Band in the s and more recently collaborated on a CD album release, Satisfied.

After leaving Reprise, Sebastian c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The to occasionally release CD albums through a variety of small labels. Bless Its Pointed Little Head. The Gilded Palace of Sin. The Flying Burrito Brothers. From Genesis to Revelation. Freedom Suite. The Mothers of Invention.

Quicksilver Messenger Service. At Your Birthday Party. Blue Matter. Family Entertainment. Just to Satisfy You. My Way. The Velvet Underground. With a Little Help from My Friends. On the Threshold of a Dream. The Chicago Transit Authority.

Our Mother the Mountain. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. Unfinished Music No. After the Rain. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. Rehearsals for Retirement. Pickin' Up the Pieces.

More Today Than Yesterday. Surround Yourself with Cilla. Let the Sunshine In. The Age of Aquarius. Booker T.


Cold Wind - Arcade Fire - Miroir Noir - Neon Bible Archives (Deluxe Edition) (DVD), Night Ride - Gold (25) - No Class What So Ever, Faceira - Jacob Do Bandolim - Mandolin Master Of Brazil: Original Classic Recordings, Vol. I, Tasty Fish - The Other Two - The Other Two & You, Observing John (Peter Werbe On John Sinclair, c.1969-70) - Various - Music Is Revolution: From The, Rubys Loft - Various - Homeboy - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Joe Jackson - Body And Soul, We Got Your Rock - Ace Frehley - Frehleys Comet, Let Go The Mansion - Tom Verlaine - Cover, Krak Teng - The Bug - EGR45-00002 (vs. Sleng Teng), Manfred Symphony, Op 58 - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Oslo Filharmoniske Orkester, Mariss Jansons - Th, Saint-Saëns*, Joachim Trio - Pianos Trios Nos. 1 & 2, Under Paris Skies - The Ray Charles Singers - We Love Paris


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