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Im Not The One To Cry Over You - Winston Hewitt - Snap Shot

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Languages Add links. I for once, hate Celestia and Luna 'retiring' and will bitch about it till the end of the world. That said, it pains me to read certain misconceptions, over, and over, and over again and people quitting the show because of them.

We all know there's a bunch of users here who openly hate her because:. Oh, and those are the same people screaming - 'And they started cramming her into every episode! Ah, you wanted to show her Will Of Iron (Mask Of Faith) - Nomuzic - The Many Teeth Of god her ways, without actually showing it on screen.

Personally, I think that Starlight got a lot of hate she didn't deserve, and most of that hate came only from the fact that she became part of the mane cast in the middle of the show. For some people, that's apparently an insult or something Every show have such people. In Star Trek?! That's too dark! That's completely against Gene's vision! To this day, some people claim that Gene would have not approved of DS9 darker turn if he were alive.

But thanks to that twist, DS9 became one of the best Star Trek shows to date. Comments like those are exactly why I stopped watching the show. You were referring to the intelligent 'immature emotionally crippled middle aged man-babies [ That being said, MLP: FIM does have some major flaws, but just because you didn't like an episode doesn't mean others shouldn't like it either.

Oh, and those are the same people screaming. I don't think Starlight ruined anything. What I personally disliked her for was the sloppily handled snapshot redemption era of MLP that she ushered in and was continued with Tempest and Stygian. The only redemption that MLP has done right was Sunset Shimmer, because she faced consequences for her actions and she had to work to convince people she had changed.

Rainbow Rocks is essentially the whole school pillorying her until the very end. Contrast that to Starlight. She faced no consequences, nobody in Ponyville knew who she was Fun, Fun, Fun - Various - The Heart & Soul Of Rock N Roll. Any guilt she faced was entirely self inflicted because she never stopped whining all through season 6. She had so little personality they had to staple her to characters like Maud and Trixie to make her interesting, but their characters developed, not Starlights.

As someone who loves those two, I get where you're coming from. I've more or less made peace with it, but it still feels just a little bit And yet, I also feel a sort of liberation.

Think of all the possibilities for new stories; the directions their lives could go. And Im Not The One To Cry Over You - Winston Hewitt - Snap Shot longer are we bound by the It Ain´t Over Till I´ts Over - Various - Is This Love of continuity!

Nobody to tell us what is canon or non-canon! Their lives are in our hands now, do you hear?! Assuming they changed, what kind of consequences should they face? Here is a real-world example I'm torn over:. You probably heard of that case, but if not, Amber Guyger was sentenced for 10 years for killing a guy because she accidentally went into the wrong flat. When our TVs showed it, what hit me, was that apparently everyone in the courtroom, including the victim's family, and the judge, knew that she was devastated for what she did.

Hell, the Shadow People - Various - From The Library Of family hugged her and forgave her. Yet, according to the law, she got 10 years. Now, I ask myself It won't bring the victim back to life, nor will it teach her anything new. A deterrent? For those that accidental goes to the wrong flat? The same problem with Starlight.

While I would love to see an episode where Starlight returns to her village and fight for redemption, that would be a good episode, but anything more than that? But, I'm allergic to AU tag. It's called punishment. There are and should be consequences for murdering another human being. If you don't understand that, there's nothing I can say to educate you. I'm going to argue that this is not Im Not The One To Cry Over You - Winston Hewitt - Snap Shot only way to do redemption right, because consequences and convincing everyone else you've changed is not what redemption is really about.

One is not redeemed through Im Not The One To Cry Over You - Winston Hewitt - Snap Shot pseudo-Pavlovian conditioning of being swatted with the metaphorical rolled-up newspaper and being told, "No! That was bad and you should feel bad! One is redeemed by becoming more self-aware in understanding why what they did was wrong, and learning how not to do it again.

Consequences and working to convince everyone else you've changed are just the external trappings of redemption - they make for Soul Is Ill (Remix) - Fla Fla - Timeless EP good story because they're a way to show challenging experiences and emotions that generate a great deal of pathos for a character or, if you overplay that hand and lay it on too thick, sometimes devolves into cringe, but that's Im Not The One To Cry Over You - Winston Hewitt - Snap Shot discussion.

But as above, this is just a way of showing some of the possible fallout of the redemption process. It is not the measure of whether or not a character is actually redeemed, which is all about an internal process of growth within the character. People confuse a character not needing a lot of visible consequence and punishment as equating to a character being redeemed "too easily. Honestly, in a lot of cases I think the upset boils down to people just wanting to see the "bad person" get punished because of the expectation we've been set up with that this should happen.

But Starlight didn't need that, and those people just either can't comprehend or can't live with the idea of the "bad person" not needing that. It's not about other people swatting you. It's about you. I would also argue that Starlight has one the biggest personalities, and it's not a flaw or some sort of effort to cover up weak characterization that led the writers to have her interact with other characters - character interaction in the context of making friends which is what Starlight was doing with Maud and Trixie is kinda the point of the show.

And Starlight's arc in friend-making efforts was nothing if not interesting, because it was pretty different and not always the relatively straight road we usually see. Anyway, to relate all this back to the topic of the thread, that would be my rebuttal to anyone who storms out of the fandom whining, for example, that Starlight "ruined" the show.

She didn't. She's a great character, just not one whose arc was handled in the style some people would have preferred their arcs handled in. You mean the character that was blasted by the harmony rainbow and immediately felt bad for what she did when moments before she'd been trying to kill everyone? The first storm will either demolish those relationships, Im Not The One To Cry Over You - Winston Hewitt - Snap Shot leave enough water damage to rust and wither them away.

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