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Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti

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Soap Shop Rock. Burning Sister. Halluzination Guillotine. Gulp A Sonata. Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm. She Came Through The Chimney. Archangels Thunderbird. The Return Of Ruebezahl. Eye-Shaking King. Pale Gallery. Yeti Improvisation. Yeti Talks To Yogi Improvisation. Sandoz In The Rain Improvisation. LibertyLiberty. Sell This Version. Liberty Stereo-Tape. United Artists Records.

Base Record. MantraMantra. Repertoire Records. High Tide. Captain Trip Records. Gammarock Records. Belle AntiqueRevisited Rec. Revisited Rec. Belle Antique. Liberty 3. Purple Pyramid. Yeti Vol. You can see the band is confident enough to strip back its sound, and to try some new and effective things even in full improvised flow. Describing it fully is obviously a waste of time, but a general mood thing isn't out of order.

The title track, a dark, brooding, scenic number, in addition to the typically excellent and pacy work from the rhythm section, features all sorts of feedback, demonstrative twangs from the strings, and violently clashing electrics, producing an overall dense forests-and-mountains mood accompanied by an impressively dense aggression Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti movement. Some wordless vocals, both male and female, fill out the abstract fog in this musical forest, while a more mournful conclusion harnesses all this restless energy to a more introspective and exotic end.

All in all, Yeti is an extremely well thought-out and followed-through bit of improvisation, with a wonderful freedom of interpretation, as well as some distinctly avant-garde organ and violin work. Yeti Talks To Yogi is a bit more light-hearted, starting out with a dense clump of instruments, which gradually collaborate with some fantastic bongo-work from Shrat to work out each others' space and produce a very dense, dark mood, from which the conversational wails of the violin or the feedback from the guitar pre-empt the very loose and touching herdlike vocals.

Admittedly, the ending is a bit overly curt, but otherwise another amazing piece. Again, evocative, touching, and excellent improvisation. Particularly Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti is the amazing roll of the drums and thundering feel of the line, 'Sundrops in your eyes. Again, maybe trails off a bit too sharply, but that doesn't obscure the merit of the rest of it. So, all in all, a collection of The Good Stuff.

The second half is particularly good and has clarity in those improvs that Phallus Dei wasn't quite self-confident enough to achieve, as well as a really striking mood, and most of the first half isn't Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti weaker at all. Still, problems creep in from trying to unite and compile all this work into one album.

Yes, it's not quite perfect, and yes, there are some tracks which are markedly less interesting than others, but just look at the release date Maybe worth listening to the two 'halves' separately if you find it a bit too much heavy going. It's full of crispy guitar and slightly unconventional chord progressions. The lead guitar stays respectfully reserved.

The male vocalist warbles along, sounding completely distinct from the rest of the music and just generally bad. The drumming is the strongest constituent, and I particularly enjoy the riff the band uses to end the song incidentally, it sounds like the start of a new track. The addition of the pipes adds a mystical, Middle Eastern air to the piece.

It is interrupted by a brief organ part an electric guitar part the second time around before resuming. It is one of my favorites- at once very catchy and still "out there. It mainly consists of complex acoustic guitar and drumming, which soon morphs into stranger electric fare. True extemporaneous creation is a rare art form; it is distinct from "jamming," in which the different musicians take turns soloing over an established rhythm.

Those involved must be musically intimate and comfortable enough with one another- they must know each participant's style well enough to somewhat accurately predict what a given player might do next.

The bassist and drummer almost seem to be of one mind in this respect, repeating certain phrases and gradually changing the riff until it evolves into something completely different.

Two lead guitarists work around and on top each other, such that neither steals the show or produces a cacophony of dissonance. What's more, there are even vocals snuck in, and they Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti fit.

Also, there's a repeated riff toward the end that completely shifts the feel of the song into something more nostalgic, and like a real pro, the bassist adopts the suggestion and helps develop the piece. All in all, this is an amazing example of improvised music. There's something of a percussion solo here, with insidiously arcane music loitering in the background.

Soaring feminine vocals emerge from this. The hand percussion is a lovely touch, and Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti descending bass riff about halfway through is just remarkable. I honestly don't believe this is improvisation again, despite the titlebecause it's simply too well constructed and an all-around amazing piece. I honestly have no clue why I chose Yeti as my introduction to the band considering that it's a rather lengthy record.

Either way this album gave a consistent look at this outfits early material so I guess that Yeti fulfilled its main purpose as an introduction record. For me this album's highlights consist of the multi-sectioned Soap Shop Rock and all of the fine acoustic guitar compositions like She Came Through The Chimney and Cerberus.

That second part really makes the album feel dated and in some cases unbearable for me. This release is definitely a mixed bag to say the least, still if you liked everything that I mentioned above then Yeti is definitely a record worthy of your attention! It starts excellently. Soap Shop Rock part 1 really sounds like a piece of dirty blues rock that you won't be able to tidy up even if you use an entire shop's Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti of soap.

Under Paris Skies - The Ray Charles Singers - We Love Paris two is ok as well and starts like it's taken from a Floyd live outtake from the same year. The track features some talking vocals and noisy guitar playing, also Chris Carrer's violin stand out. The vocals took me quite a while to appreciate, which can be blamed on an overdose of metal and sympho listening.

Be warned, but be open as well. A couple of short psychedelic tracks follow of which Archangels Thunderbird is the most remarkable. It has a very cool and groovy guitar riff that rocks the house. Also the vocals are surprising, sounding not entirely unlike a crazed version of Jefferson Airplane. The first half of Cerebrus features ethnic percussion Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti Indian influenced acoustic guitars, quite a typical feature in kraut rock and psychedelic rock in general.

Pale Gallery has a surprising sonic texture that was easily 10 years ahead of its time. I'd rather expect this on a post rock album from Tuxedo Moon or the likes then on something from Then the alum takes a turn from the short composed pieces that preceded to improvisations Yeti Improvisation is a mind-blowing psychedelic jam with a short electronic start followed by a brief section with abstract guitar sounds that all post-rock bands have shamelessly nicked and made endless variations on.

Yeti Talks seems like a continuation of the same improvisation or an outtake from a similar jam. It has a great early Floydian vibe and while not as stellar as the Umma Gumma live tracks, it comes close. Sandoz in the Rain ends the album with another Indian flavoured ethnic track. The 2 bonus tracks on the Elohim - Ikon - From Angels To Ashes 1997 - 2003 are good for fans but don't add anything essential.

Between the Eyes has a riff that reminds me of Gilmour's Narrow Way. I've come a long Reanimator - Fields Of The Naphilim* - Dawnrazor with this album, at first mild appreciation for its innovating stance, and now recently full appreciation, after submerging myself to the marvels of Kraut rock, of which this album is a sure masterpiece.

The album makes its striking entry with the suite "Soap Shop Rock", which might very well be the absolute highlight of the album. The music here is very dynamic, moving from a heavy rocker to somewhat more spacey and back again. Also, notable are the vocals of Renate Knaup, who delivers some lovely operatic vocals here. Renate's vocals are just as outstanding on the track "Archangels Thunderbird", a guitar driven rocker on which her somewhat harsh vocals really shine.

Apart from "Archangels Thunderbird" there are more shorter pieces to be found on the album, such as the folky "Cerberus"; the brief but fierce "The Return Of Ruebezahl"; and the intense "Eye-Shaking King", featuring distorted vocals and having an overall very dynamic feel.

It's tough to say much negative about this pieces actually, despite that none of them quite reaches the utter brilliance of "Soap Shop Rock". The second part of the album consists out of three Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti. This is where the opening line of this review really makes sense. Tedious, aimless and dull, or perhaps atmospheric, interesting and soaring? I El Abarcon (Eligio Arroyo) - Juan Piña - Definitivamente. guarantee you which is the right option, as that all comes down to taste.

Personally I enjoy all three of the improvisations, of which I probably find "Yeti Talks To Yogi" to be the most interesting. They are wonderful soundscapes, not all too dynamic but certainly not lacking any energy. Also, these improvisations convince me of the abilities Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti the band, as the band truly acts like one in these pieces, rather than a group of musicians living on their own islands.

Yeti is an excellent album, though it might take a while before it grows on you. I don't consider it to be a masterpiece, though it's only a very thin hair away from that title. So, in the end I'm going to give it four stars, though perhaps four and a half might suit it better. Yeti might appeal to those who enjoy experimental and psychedelic music, and aren't scared away by the length of the improvisational pieces.

From the beginning I was a bit confused Time brought out the real beauty of the track, though, and it makes one thing perfectly clear; this band really knows how to rock out, play some calmer material, go a bit nuts, and generally play some excellent music. They continue to prove Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti of these things over and over again throughout the album, covering a variety of styles and moods along the Stripsearch - Faith No More - Фонотека В Кармане. Needless to say I owe quite a lot to this song.

It may not be overly I Just Got Out - Bob Wayne - Back To The Camper of Krautrock as if any one song, or even one album or even any one band could bebut it does give a nice peek into the wonderful world on the inside. The album on a whole is full of wonderful stuff, as I said. Eye-Shaking King was the next track to really catch my attention after Cerebus, with its heaviness and slightly unusual guitar sounds.

Some of the best material, though, comes in the Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti tracks. Unless you know they're improvs and the track titles give a pretty good hint it's hard to tell That, to me, shows that the band members were totally comfortable playing with each other, which is always a good thing.

Overall, this album is a very excellent addition to any prog collection. This one gets a very strong four stars from me. The great and psychedelic style that I love so much was quite some years old while this album was released.

The psyche scene was born in the mid sixties and got its peak a couple of years later Anyway, this album is a great testimony of that period and should worth your listening for sure.

Krautrock being only a sub-genre as far as I am concerned. After such a great opener, it is of course difficult to release songs of the same caliber. The last section of this epic is just splendid. It will overshadow any other one from this album with no doubt.

At least the short studio tracks which follow. Even if most of these tracks are quite satisfactory in terms of hypnotism, sustained beat, great vocals "Archangels Thunderbird" they can hardly compete with the giant opening number. The powerful instrumental "Cerberus" is a good Syrena - Ad.M.a - Gdy skrzydła w popiele, boginie schodzą na Ziemię strong and wild, that's a given.

But it offers little more. I far much prefer the superb but alas too short "Return of Ruebezahl". It is such a complex track which only lasts for just over ninety seconds! Such a track could have reached the ten minutes and up mark easily. It is so much better than its follower "Eye-Shaking King"although the closing part of this song is just memorable.

As I have outlined, the best is featured on this album but the even is also present. At the end of the day, the best parts are the improvised ones which start with the title track. I have to confess that it borrows a lot to the great ASOS of whom you might have heard. Still, this wonderful piece of music should please any ears found of the psyche scene.

I am just found of it. It is the best of this offering together with the opening song. It is much way better than the lamentation closing track for sure "Sandoz in the Rain". In between, there is another ASOS like track available.

Since Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti am quite in love with this "track", I can only be touched. Four stars overall for this great album. I cannot deny the musicianship involved; there's some killer riffing thrown in here, with some cool basslines to try and make sense of it all.

Still, there aint much I can do to give this thing any sort of reference. It's like a bad acid trip captured on vinyl.

Psychedelic as hell, yet darker and bleaker than what you'd want out of a trippy experience. How do I pick a favorite? Man it gets weird though. What's goin' on? Trying to keep my head together.

Gotta love it. Those vocals are out there. It's hard to descibe right now; I'm feelin' a bit off, ya know? Was someone drinkin' coffee at the beginning of "Cerberus"? I don't need coffee right now, bad idea, but I'd dig some now anyways. This music is gettin' to me even more intensely now. Heavy as a monolith yet just as freaked out and trippy.

I'm in Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti. Them vocals, oh man what am I even writing about now? Prog Archives. Yeah, that's it. Keepin' my spelling check in check Gotta watch the language too. It's a cool song. Acid drenched guitar up the wazoo.

Them improvisations on the second disc. Pretty messed up, but they aint bad for sure, especially the first and longest entry into some warped dimension. What does that even mean? I shouldn't be writing a thing right now. I need to get out and explore the world ya' dig? I don't know how I'm supposed С Чем Сравнить Любовь - Various - Песня 71-90 write a clinical review of this album.

This always happens when I play it. Trippy like the late 60's but dark and foreboding enough to crush any thoughts of peace and love. I gotta get it together.

Forget it. Listen for yourself. I'm a mess at this point. Earth is a long ways away. The now legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan once spoke about the parallels between a great big symphony orchestra in harmony and the elegance of a flock of birds swooping round the sky screen.

Completely oblivious to the fact, Karajan successfully describes one of the key albums of the Krautrock movement - a record notorious for being indescripable. When Yeti takes off to wherever - far away - completely over yonder, and then some, this be-winged flock of musicians use the power of improvisation.

Now I know what you're thinking, but this is so far from your everyday psych jam, it's insane. Yeti is truly in a class of its Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti.

It's satori, A musical meeting, where everything seems preconceived even if it's happening on a Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti Satori seems about right to me. Listening to this music is exactly like looking at flocks of birds - at least during the loosy goosy sections that are scattered throughout the playing time of Yeti. Hell even the more together tracks on here, like Archangels Thunderbird and Eye Shaking Romance For Violin & Orchestra No.2 In F Major Op.50 - Ludwig van Beethoven - The Collection, are full of experimentations and laissez faire instrumentation whilst still holding on to things like Voodoo - Nail* - Voodoo EP and bridges.

These two tracks are additionally extremely heavy. The guitar riffs coming out of John Weinzierl sound like a psychedelic power saw running amok.

He throws these things haphazardly around in the music, which in turn grows wonderfully immense like a buzzing swarm of locusts. I've said this time and again, you can use this album as paint-peeler. It will literally have your room unwrapping itself like organic Andy Warholy banana wall paper. Another marvellous attribute to this saucy thing is the rhythm section.

The rampaging Peter Leopold on drums, who pulls brilliant and magical things out his sleeve, that you just can't copy.

He was never the most technical drummer, but I'll challenge any modern prog rock Neil Peart aficionado to replicate the grooves he manage to cook up on this thing. Opposite Leopold we are treated to the bobbing bass lines of Dave Anderson, who quite easily could be mistaken for a more fuzzy and labyrinthian version of Richard Sinclair.

Anyway these guys work together like bees and honey - asphalt and Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti. Slapped onto parts of Yeti, these vocal stints feel like a giant Indian ghost jumping on top the music, like was it an Wicked & Wild (Dancehall Style) - Tippa Irie / Million Stylez - Wicked & Wild (Dancehall Style) / Po tangible sonic sprinting mustang.

I love the way the album starts too. Opening up with Soap Shop Rock, the path is quickly paved with everything under the sun, and preferably a violin to boot. Chris Karrer does a magnificent job acting as janitor during most of Yeti - either picking up said violin or joining in with the guitar fun during the long wobbly stints of the improvisations.

I kinda prefer him on the violin though, and Soap Shop Rock is surely testimony to that. Truth be told, I don't think I've ever heard the instrument being played like Career does. Slicing, jaggedy, droning, screeching - sounding remarkably close to the kind of folk music you'll find on the rings of Saturn. I find this album mesmerising. It takes my breath away. Quite literally. It pumps out of the speakers like a deranged explosive expressionism - transforming back and forth through wild psychedelic sections and alluring sprinkling acoustic bits.

Yet that doesn't quite relegate how Yeti sounds Back then in Germany, there was a generation of musicians who tried to free themselves of the surrounding musical world - especially the western one, and then start from scratch - invent their own language. Carte blanche and all that. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Gulp A Sonata - Amon Düül II - Yeti Sex All Themes.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Styles Art Rock Kraut Rock. Track Listing. She Came Through the Chimney. Archangels Thunderbird.


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    Burning Sister Lyrics: Down on the football place / I saw my sister burning / They tied her on a railroad track / And made her blue eyes burning / Her dog was sitting by her feet / The whole night.
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    Dec 25,  · Yeti is a double LP by krautrock band Amon Düül II which was first released in Including both short songs and longer, improvisational tracks, .
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    Feb 28,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Amon Düül II - Bavarian Soap Shop Rock/Improvisation On Gulp A Sonata (with download) YouTube Amon Düül II - Tanz Der Lemminge - German Prog - .
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    Archangel Thunderbird Lyrics: When the everywhere eye asks you / "Who is the emperor of the sky?" / Take the Archangel's Thunderbird / Go to Edgar Allen / In the tower of sleep / He'll tell you a.
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    Jun 10,  · 'Yeti' is abundant also in the fusion of electric guitar, bass and drum interplay. The 2nd album is totally devoted to improvisation and in itself stands up as some of the most intriguing music you will ever hear. The first few AMON DÜÜL II albums are essential bits of the psych/prog era/5(35).
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    Yeti is the second studio album by German rock band Amon Düül II, first released in April on Liberty (Germany: LBS /60 X; United Kingdom: LSP ) as a double LP. The album was produced by Olaf Kübler and Amon Düül II, and engineered by Willy Schmidt, "with a Author: Vitko.
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