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Anger, Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox

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Holden cannot bear to hold onto his innocence because innocence brings its own Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox people continue to disappoint him. Thus the cost of maturity is much less; innocence has been quite Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradoxtoo. Innocence has been problematic: the prostitute demands more money for nothing, the man who takes him in seems like a pedophile, and the cab drivers berate him as stupid when he asks simple questions about the birds in the park.

Besides, losing Allie Nationaal Jeugd Musical Theater - Narnia - De Musical brought tremendous pain.

Holden also has the Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox adolescent experience of perceiving that time in school learning mundane lessons feels petty when his entire soul is in flux as it comes to grips with reality. When the entire world around him appears phony, where can he go to grasp hold of some reality, some stable truth? The fact that no one is acknowledging how trivial and fleeting Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox is, compared with the grand things we tell one another about reality—how difficult it is to truly love and share oneself with people knowing that all, like Allie, will eventually die—causes him to burn with frustration, even rage.

Holden understands on some level one of the most profound truths of mortal life: the superficial matters little because it will not last, yet it is made to seem so much more important. Meanwhile, all around him, he must watch superficial people win honors through their artifice. He thus Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox his deepest contempt for those who succeed as phonies: Stradlater, the Headmaster, and all the boys who treat school as if it is Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox club to be ruled by Social Darwinism.

People live for a while, but all too soon we all die. Allie did not choose it, but Holden thinks about James Castlea skinny boy who jumped out the window at school and fell to his death. Holden himself entertains thoughts of a similar suicide. The decision to Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox himself to his feelings about life is a decision to shut himself down emotionally so much that he is no longer truly living. It is a decision, however, that remains fundamentally impossible for Holden.

When he thinks about James Castle, he cannot bear to imagine James just laying there amidst the stone Something To Lose - Terry And The Pirates - Return To Silverado blood, with no one Anger him up.

Holden might see some romance in suicide and some comfort in the idea that it ends internal pain, but death does seem worse, the ultimate loneliness. He seen the effects of death on the living as well. He thus cannot do to Phoebe what Allie has done to them already. He plods on, only sure that he must gradually wean himself away from Phoebe so that she gets used to losing him forever--and so that he gets used to being away from her. Though Holden needs closeness and love in order to renew his life, he keeps driving himself further away from it in order to avoid the inevitable loss.

The more he wants to experience life, the more antisocial he becomes and the more he imagines death. He impossibly tries to avoid pains that are inevitable Anger human mortals while they live.

Holden is profoundly alone. His parents are absent except for insisting that he progress along a conventional path and stay in school as long as he can before he is kicked out or tires of each institution.

His parents do not let him regroup but send him off to the next school. At Pencey, Holden Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox no adult to trust with his feelings; most people everywhere are phony.

Some adults even seem Anger selfish that they are willing to abuse children. Groove (LP Version) - M.C. Shy-D* - Groove, Holden views adults with intense disappointment, even cynicism. And I even followed him to the place where the Dai Mazines wreak havoc. Fearing that my knowledge of Swartz's actions in that year somewhat drew his attention, Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox willingly deserted the Time Jackers and Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox myself as the traitor, while I patiently Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox for the right time to expose Swartz as the real traitor!

This isn't happening! I don't want to die! Mothersister Please, I'll do anything! I can help you prevent Black Huntress from starting the second Evil Seed.

So, please help me! She later forms a splinter faction with Black Huntress and Heure following the latter secretly defecting from Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox comrades.

Reina was an orphaned young girl who roamed alone in the streets until she was found by an adult Fubuki Izumiwho decided to bring her into the Izumi household as their adoptive child. Reina becomes the adoptive younger sister to Fubuki and the adoptive daughter of Goro Izumi and Taki. Reina was a kind, talented, and loving person who enjoyed living the life of luxury and good education.

Until her life turns upside-down when Oma Anger wiped out half of the world's population and ruled the world in an iron fist. Sometime later, Reina overhears of the evil weapon Soul Edge upon eavesdropping at a conversation of her stepsister and stepmother, causing a fallout with the former when she knew too much. Reina severed her ties with her adoptive family and adopted the name Raywith the intent of obtaining Soul Edge to defeat Oma Zi-O.

She first joined with a splinter faction of rebels known as the Time Jackerswhere she became the first leader before Swartz. However, she betrays them when she becomes bored of their methods of replacing Oma Zi-O's predecessors with their Another Riders in favor of seeking after the cursed sword.

However, the true reason behind her defection is that she has witnessed Swartz's actions in from afar; fearing that Swartz will silence those who are foolish enough who would expose his true agenda. After she was adopted by the Izumi family, Reina was once a kind, compassionate, and caring person. She was raised in a wealthy lifestyle after in that she becomes a gifted prodigy like her stepfather. However, her life turned upside down when Ohma Zi-O ruled the future.

Following the tragic turn of events, Reina learns of Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox cursed sword, Soul Edge when her adoptive mother and sister In My Head - The Q! - The Q! to prevent her from learning the evil weapon. Ray also enjoys driving a wedge on the Time Jackers as a means to derail their plans of crowning their new demon king. Ray uses Heure's betrayal as an example to Sougo to prove that he will forever suffer a life of loneliness.

After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of her stepsister and stepmother, Ray begins to show signs of an unstable behavior as a result of her warped Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox for the cursed sword and personal vendetta with Fubuki. Aside from her insanity, Ray is also narcissistic and delusional with signs of god-complex, believing that exposing Swartz as the traitor to Heure and Ora will avert Anger Zi-O's rise Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox hailing herself as the "hero" who prevented the demon king's rise.

Despite her success in ruining Swartz's plans, Ora outright calls out Ray for this as all the horrible Anger she has done in the story doesn't mitigate or justify her acts of villainy. In response, Ray could not care less of it as she intends to paint the world red using Soul Edge, in hopes of creating a new future in her own liking. Eobard became more strategic and only made necessary timeline alterations to achieve his primary goal, avoiding Time Wraiths.

Like most speedsters, Eobard had at least Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox encounter with a Time Wraith which he came to fear, trying his best to avoid these creatures as no speedster knew how to kill them. Because of the Time Wraiths' dangers, Eobard became more strategic about his timeline alterations, only making necessary alterations to achieve Anger primary goal, and not recklessly upsetting history and risk being found by these enforcers of the Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Force.

He became familiar with other speedsters, such as Jay GarrickJesse ChambersLibby Lawrence and Danica Williamshaving either met or aware about the existence of the various speedsters. At some point in Eobard's personal timeline, the Reverse-Flash learned how Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox use the Negative Speed Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox to travel through the multiverse. Doing this, he traveled to Earth for unknown reasons and fought Supermanseeing that the Man of Steel was fast.

However, Reverse-Flash was faster. While Eobard implied that he was victorious, the details on their confrontation are currently unknown.

At some point during his war against his archenemy, Eobard eventually learned the Flash's real name: Barry Allen. But before that happened, Eobard wanted one more match against his enemy. Due to the timeline changes caused by Cicada 's death and dagger negation, the following events may occur infive years earlier than the initial occurrence. Eobard traveled to the midnight of April 25,and fought The Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl in the streets Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Central City, causing the most destruction the city had ever seen.

The fight also somehow caused the sky to turn a deep crimson color. Their fight caused several trucks to start leaking their contents onto the streets, and caused power outages spread over 20 blocks throughout the city.

The speedsters then started battling over two overturned tanker trucks, and the lightning emitted from them caused the oil from one of them to ignite. While sounded by smoke, the two speedsters had a very heated conversation on an unknown matter before speeding off, leaving the Green Arrow, Atom, and Hawkgirl behind.

Scheißegal - Deutsche Trinkerjugend - Alle Meine Freunde two then continued their fight up and down an unknown avenue before Flash and him vanished without a trace in an explosion of light.

According to Iris West-Allen insome sources describing the battle claimed that the Reverse-Flash controlled an army Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox shadow demons and that the Flash was instead aided by BatwomanElongated Man and Supergirl. Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox the explosion of light, Eobard Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox back in time to the night of March 18,aiming to murder the year-old Barry and erase the Flash from existence as he had planned before, but he was pursued by Barry fromhindering his plans.

When the year-old Barry entered the room, Reverse-Flash moved in for the kill, but Flash intervened and transported the younger Barry to safety 20 blocks away, much to Reverse-Flash's outrage. However, Reverse-Flash quickly theorized another way to achieve his goal: kill Nora and Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Henry for Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox crime in the hopes that such a tragedy would traumatize Barry enough to derail from his nemesis's destiny, and he'd be free to return to a A Lady Who Burns Like Paper - Various - Screams From Across The Ocean Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox the Flash.

The Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Nora in the heart leaving her to die, and fled the scene to return to his own time which he hoped would now be one without the Flash, but he was stopped by a sudden Anger of connection to the Speed Force. After Gideon confirmed that his powers fluctuated somewhat due to his latest time jump, Reverse-Flash realized that he Anger now stranded in the 21st century with no way back to his time, and screamed in frustration. Eobard spying on an innocent couple from a distance.

Eobard soon realized that the reason for his unstable connection to the Speed Force was because his own status as a speedster was dependent upon Barry's. Therefore, if Barry never became Flash in the past, then Eobard never would have become Reverse-Flash in the future. With this revelation, Eobard realized he needed Barry to become a speedster Anger order to return to his own time. Thus, Eobard traveled to Starling City to stalk Harrison Wells and Tess Morganknowing that Anger couple, inwould create a particle accelerator of their own, thus giving Barry his future powers.

Anger plotted to Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Harrison's reputation and his own I Just Got Out - Bob Wayne - Back To The Camper knowledge to recreate the particle accelerator himself as quickly as possible.

Eobard spied on Harrison and Tess while on a date where Harrison proposed Mama dont Worry - Irie Souljah - Immigrant S. Labs concept to Tess downtown in Starling City. Eobard acclimating Harrison's appearance. Later that night, Eobard rigged the road with a spike strip and caused Harrison's car Anger crash, killing Tess and injuring Harrison.

He dragged Harrison out of the car, and identified himself to Harrison as well as the terrified scientist's supposed role in Eobard then took out his appearance-stealing deviceand attached one end to Harrison and to the other to himself. He acclimated Harrison's DNA which literally made himself an identical duplicate Khorhurd Khorin - Komitas, Musicam Trio, Ludwig Bazil, Wolfgang NeumannIrmingard Seemann - Da Mes Wells on a genetic level while the genuine Harrison died in the process.

Afterwards, he buried Harrison's body in a field near the bridge and took his victim's place in the car. Eobard then moved to Central City to carry out his plan and build S.

Labs there instead to ensure Barry gained his powers earlier, giving the cover story that he moved away from Starling City because of too many reminders of Tess. As Wells, Eobard subsequently devoted his life to S. Labs' creation and its particle accelerator, using past knowledge but taking precautions to ensure his plan would work, keeping close observation throughout Barry's whole life Anger setting up cameras all over Central City, and even in the West household, where Barry lived following Nora's death.

Around the time of S. Labs' opening, Eobard built a secret Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox accessible only via hand-print where he kept his belongings, including the Gideon program which was still Anger to stay informed of future events, including a newspaper article written by Iris on the now crisis.

This paper acted as a deadline as to the remaining time Eobard had to harness Barry's speed and Eobard further used it to keep tabs on the timeline, and if any changes occurred, take the necessary steps to get the timeline back on track for his own sake.

Eobard also kept the Reverse-Flash suit on a display case, and also stored the second suit away in the room. Shortly after, he began the particle accelerator's constructions but made some alterations first to ensure the dark matter released would spread throughout Central City, with the aim of creating a lightning bolt that would strike Barry with the Speed Force connection, though did not care that other people would either become meta-humans themselves or be killed.

To account for the possibility of Barry's increasing speed against him, Eobard planed to exploit Barry's speed only when Barry was fast enough to time travel not one second later, thereby giving him enough opportunity to kill Barry if necessary. But because of his own unstable connection to the Speed Force, these fixes of Tachyon energies would only be temporary and would unexpectedly vanish from time to time, leaving him powerless.

Eobard observed Barry's Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox life as an unseen influence, initially looking upon his future enemy with nothing but hate but soon growing fond of the youth as he hated but Flash's future version. As the former, he became Barry's greatest fear and driving Anger to become a C. As the latter, Barry would The Things I Love - Roland Kirk - Gifts & Messages to idolize Eobard and was described as being obsessed with him without knowing who he really was an ironic reverse of events as Eobard had once been obsessed with the Flash without knowing his former idol's identity either.

Eobard also kept just as close observation of his ancestor Eddie Thawne and took whatever precautions were needed to ensure Eddie would continue their bloodline, thus ensuring his own existence.

Eobard knew Stagg of being greedy and corrupt. He also knew the former wasn't a supposed philanthropist but was a greedy and corrupt man famous for others' scientific achievements.

Labs to the site that Thomas was hiding in the North Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox. Eobard ending his deal with Eiling for Grodd's safety. InEobard was approached by General Wade Eiling to work on a military project together to create soldiers with physic abilities, presenting new opportunities financially and scientifically and Eobard agreed.

While working at S. Labs, Eobard adopted Grodda pet gorilla that he kept at S. Labs who Anger became close, with Grodd later viewing Eobard as his "father. When Eobard discovered this, he berated Eiling in a furious argument with the general and cancelled the project, but still had "big plans" for Grodd. Sometime prior toEobard hired Dr.

Eobard also grew Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox close to Hartley in the particle accelerator's construction, although Eobard likely hired the three due to his knowledge of their future achievements. Eobard and Hartley often bonded through activities such as games of chess, and Hartley was the only other person who knew how to speak Latin. However, Eobard fired Arthur for his apparent insanity around InEobard discovered an earlier version of Cisco Ramon and hired the youth, knowing of Cisco's engineering talents based on his first interaction with Cisco's future self inand started growing close with him, much to Hartley's dismay though Eobard assured Hartley that Cisco wouldn't get in the way of their friendship.

However, Hartley then realized that the particle accelerator was faulty and could explode, threatening Eobard's plans. Eobard subsequently had Hartley fired and threatened to ruin Hartley's career if anyone was ever told. After Hartley's termination, Eobard grew closer to Cisco and came to view Cisco as a surrogate son.

On December 11,Eobard held an Hit By Love (Album Version) - Ce Ce Peniston - Hit By Love at which he planned to switch on S. Labs' particle accelerator. He began speaking on stage, claiming that the particle accelerator would create a brighter future, bringing advancements in power and medicine, as well as physics as they knew it.

After opening up to questions, Marlize DeVoe asked Eobard if he had indeed planned for every event and outcome after the accelerator's activation. Eobard recognized the DeVoe name and realized that Clifford was also there. He told Clifford of being a big fan of DeVoe's 'work', subtly hinting at the man's future as one of the Flash's greatest enemies, and wished Clifford luck. As Eobard was about to turn the accelerator on, he got the sensation that something was amiss; indeed, Thawne's suspicion was rightful as a version of the Flash from and his daughter had time-traveled to and had just then entered S.

Eobard Anger the room and walked towards the time vault, with the Exotica Dance Club - Nu Guinea - World EP speedsters having just phased inside. Before he could investigate, he was stopped by Cisco and Caitlin. Eobard asked Caitlin to have Ronnie run the accelerator's number's one more time and to bring the bottle of hag out to celebrate.

After Caitlin left, Eobard told Cisco of his belief that the youth would go on to do great things, subtly hinting at Cisco's future that he once witnessed. The two then Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox a handshake before heading back to the lab. As the team celebrated, particles, however, began to behave abnormally, such as liquids floating in the air, followed by a loud bang from the particle accelerator.

Eobard sent Ronnie and Cisco down to manually shut the particle accelerator down before anything bad happened. Eobard, Caitlin, Cisco and Ronnie trying to stabilize the Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox accelerator.

After Ronnie had vented the system to assure Anger. Labs' safety but was seemingly killed in the process, Cisco called Eobard down to the chamber. Eobard made Anger way down but before doing so, went into the Time Vault to see Barry struck by lightning, pleased to see that his plan worked.

He was recognized by Dr. Ambres who reported that he had no feeling below his waist. As the doctors examined him, Eobard watched Barry's comatose body being taken in. After Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox was put into a coma due to the lightning strike caused Anger the shock-wave, Barry's condition eventually went critical. However, Joe never fully trusted Eobard and knew something wasn't right but was Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox desperate to see Barry awake that he ignored those feelings.

While Barry was at S. Labs, Eobard one day remarked how amusing it was to see how helpless Barry was, and how easy it would've been to just kill his future foe then and there. He also remarked the irony of him going back to kill and now needing to ensure Barry's existence to return to his own time, and though remarking how interesting it's been watching Barry grow up. However, Eobard firmly stated that nothing is forgiven and that one day Barry will die.

Due to S. Labs' reputation being tarnished following the accelerator failure, Eobard ordered Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Starling City branch to be shut down and the supplies moved back to Central City. Eobard sent Caitlin and Cisco to inventory supplies where the two unexpectedly encountered Deathstroke 's army. After Barry woke from the coma, Eobard was called down to the lab to talk to Barry. He took Barry around S.

Labs, explaining what had actually happened on the night of the particle accelerator explosion and how they'd moved Barry. Before they could run more tests, Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox left.

After having realized Barry had the ability to run at superhuman speed, Eobard and the team went to an airfield where they sought to test Barry's speed. Eobard cautioned restraint, although Barry instead ran at full pelt, accidentally running into barrels of water. Anger at S. Labs, Barry told Eobard the story of Nora's murder and suspected belief that perhaps there were more powerful humans, perhaps like the man who murdered Nora, oblivious to the fact that he was, in fact, talking to the very man responsible.

Keeping this secret safe, Eobard told Barry of being most definitely unique. Eobard encouraging Barry to fight Clyde. Following Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox later run-in with Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Mardon's weather manipulation, however, Barry returned, angry that Eobard had seemingly lied.

He admitted fault, explaining that the explosion had released various forms of seemingly theoretical energy across the city, including anti-matter, dark energy, and x-elements. Barry mentioned planning to stop Clyde, though Eobard attempted to stop Barry from taking the risk, as Barry was incredibly important in terms of scientific advancement. Despite Eobard's claims that Barry was not a hero, only simply a boy who was struck by lightning, a furious Barry stormed out of S.

Labs, determined to subduing Clyde. Though seemingly for scientific reasons, Eobard's words were clearly an Anger to sway Barry away from his heroic destiny and exploit Barry's powers without worrying about an impending death by other metahumans' hands. Following Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox departure, Eobard eventually realized the only way to make Barry faster was to allow the youth to fight the other meta-humans, to push himself to his limits. As Barry struggled to unravel a tornado Clyde had made, Eobard intervened over the communication, apologizing, reassuring Barry that he did, in fact, believe, that Barry was a hero and could right Eobard's wrongs.

An encouraged Barry, heeding the words of his mentor, then managed to unravel the tornado and stop Clyde. Eobard later Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox into his secret room and checked up on the future and was relieved to see the future was intact.

After having acted as a hero, Barry returned to S. When Barry later tried to act the hero again and passed out, Barry was taken to S. Labs and despite being scolded, they decided to try some tests. As Barry began running on a modified treadmillcausing the youth to eventually pass out, Eobard identified that Anger had to do with Barry's glucose levels, due to an extremely fast metabolism processing it Anger fast.

They hooked Barry up to 40 Anger bags before the youth finally awoke. As they began discussing a new diet for Barry, Joe entered the room; Eobard was surprised to see Joe.

He reassured Joe that they were looking out for what was best for Barry, though Joe disagreed that what they were doing was the way to do it, leading to an argument between Barry and Joe.

After Barry returned to S. Labs after been beaten up by another Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox identified by blood samples as Danton BlackBarry decided against trying to take Danton down despite Eobard's support and was adamant that what they were doing was a mistake. Eobard murdering Stagg to keep Barry safe. Following that, Eobard went to talk to Joe. After briefly talking with Stagg, he claimed to Joe that next time Barry suited up, the youth would doubt himself.

Eobard headed back to S. Labs, where Caitlin was able to grow a clone of Danton from Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox replicating cell, so they called Barry in and explained this. The clone promptly awakened, presumably due to the prime Black activating some clones, and Joe hurried in through the doors, shooting the clone and reassuring Barry that only a meta-human could stop meta-humans, realizing Eobard was potentially right.

They talked to Barry when he reached Stagg Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox and Eobard noted that he had to find the prime Danton. After gaining the upper hand, Barry Anger to save Black from falling to his death but was told by Black that he wished to die, before forcibly letting go of Barry's hand and killing himself. The team watched a news report of it on the TV afterwards. Barry mentioned Anger he tried to prevent Danton's death but Eobard reflected that sometimes when people break, Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox can't be put back together.

Following that, Eobard visited Simon with Anger making claims to exploit the so-called "Streak. After the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a presumed meta-human, the S. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects.

Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Cisco and Eobard went down to the particle accelerator's core chamber. Eobard had to go do some modifications while Cisco waited using the information he acquired from his own imprisonment in The two later assisted Barry in going after a mist-controlling meta-human inside the Central City Shopping Mall.

However, Barry discovered that the man could turn himself into gas, and inhaled some of the toxic gasses, before racing back to S.

Labs where the team painfully extracted the poisonous gas. The team was soon able to identify the makeup of the gas: hydrogen cyanide with traces of a sedative. Barry figured that the two would be mixed in a death row execution and they identified the meta-human as Kyle Nimbus proudly nicknamed The Mist by Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox. Barry went to protect Nimbus's next target Joe and the team supported this.

Unable to outrun The Mist, they suggested Barry make The Mist tired, and would have to revert to physical, human form eventually; Barry succeeded and Nimbus is taken back to S. Labs, where Nimbus was locked up in the particle accelerator prison. Eobard meeting Felicity.

Eobard defeated Barry in a game of chess while Barry also played a game of table tennis with Cisco and a game of Operation with Caitlin. When Anger visits S. Labs, Eobard greeted Felicity and was more than pleased to meet Felicity, noting he's aware of all the woman's accolades and that he always keeps Anger eye out for such talent.

When Felicity questioned about the possible dangers of what Barry does, Eobard reassured Felicity that everything they do is to ensure Barry's safety and that Barry is in good hands. Eobard A Felicidade - Vinicius Cantuária - Silva later furious at Cisco for building a cold gun powerful enough to overcome Barry's speed abilities and kill him without any consent by Eobard, though Cisco built Anger prior to Barry waking from the coma and was stolen by a master thief Snart.

After telling Cisco that weapons don't belong in S. Labs, Eobard ordered Cisco to track down where the cold gun is and to do so immediately. After Felicity left, Eobard noted Felicity was a remarkable young woman. Eobard told Cisco Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox never do anything as to build such a weapon again, though he was unaware of another weapon that Cisco had built which was also stolen.

Eobard manipulating Bette into killing Eiling. When the metahuman Bette Sans Souci seemingly begun destroying facilities around the city, Barry revealed that Bette is being pursued by General Eiling to which Eobard revealed his history with Eiling. The team learned that Bette was affected by thermite when Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox accelerator went off and everything Bette touches explodes, thus why Bette was captured by Eiling and experimented on.

However, Eiling personally tracked Bette but Eobard distracted the general long enough for Barry to get Bette out of the facility. When the team later learned that Bette's condition couldn't be reversed, Eobard met with Bette, and manipulated the woman into killing Eiling. Bette is stopped by Barry then killed by Eiling but Bette's body began building up to an explosion, forcing Eobard to coach Anger on running on water to drop Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox body in the water where it exploded safely.

Eobard is later visited at S. Labs by Eiling to propose an alliance again Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox he refused and threatened the general's life if he is ever blackmailed Anger. Eobard working to help Joe 's investigation, taking precautions to veer suspicious away from himself.

After Barry failed to stop Tony WoodwardEobard told Barry they'd find a way to stop Tony, but told Barry to rest and heal for the time being. A day later, Eobard is visited by Joe, asking for help on Nora's murder case as Joe did not know that Eobard was the murderer.

When Joe asked if his particle accelerator was possibly involved, Eobard reminded Joe that the murder occurred Anger years ago long before his accelerator was even thought of. After a few other suggestions from Joe, Eobard told the detective that they were all highly unlikely. After Barry tries to stop Tony alone, Eobard is furious as they had yet to find a way to stop Woodward. Although Barry could just heal, Eobard said Barry can't heal after possibly being killed.

Eobard then told Barry could stop Tony if only moving fast enough as any material can be struck at a high enough velocity. The following day, Eobard had a drink with Joe, where Joe subtly suggested that Eobard was involved as he arrived in Central City shortly after Nora's murder.

Having looked up Tess, Joe visited Eobard at S. Labs and apologized for accusing him of murder. Eobard then told Joe about Wells' past while still pretending to be the genuine Harrison Wells and why he moved to Central City as there were too many painful memories to endure. Later that night as Joe was reviewing the evidence of Nora's murder, Reverse-Flash reappeared and encircled Joe to frighten the detective, briefly allowing his suited face to be seen and stealing the evidence shortly afterward.

Before leaving, Reverse-Flash left a death threat towards Iris by pinning a photograph of Iris to the wall with a knife, and the words "stop or else" to scare Joe away. In an entry in his personal log, Eobard noted that Barry was driven to use these powers to help people, but stated that this was keeping Barry from realizing full potential. He later told Barry to "kick it up a notch" in the training.

When Farooq Gibran attacked Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox transformer station, Barry confronted Farooq but lost the speed abilities. When Eobard went to check on the future, he learned, to his shock and rage, that the timeline had altered; instead of the crisis inthe future now told of the post office's permanent shutdown and there was no record of The Flash or Barry.

While Thawne desperately searched for a solution, Farooq Anger S. Labs seeking vengeance for his friends' Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox caused in the accelerator explosion, and caused a blackout that rendered the lab completely exposed to attack. Eobard offering Tony 's freedom. As Cisco worked on using the treadmill as a conduit to achieve this, Eobard released Tony, offering freedom in exchange for killing Farooq to buy them enough time to achieve their plan though this came at the cost Anger Girder's life.

Later, he had a brief argument with Barry about sacrificing Tony to stall Farooq, angrily insisting that he had merely done what was necessary, though Barry became disgusted that Eobard would so willingly sacrifice someone's life, unaware of the man's future reputation of doing just that. Eobard saved from Farooq by Barry. When Farooq cornered Team Flash, Anger confronted Gibran, reciting from memory the names of everyone who died in the particle accelerator disaster, and demanding that Farooq leave the others alone, saying that he Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox the only one who deserved to be Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox.

Farooq agreed and blasted him out of his wheelchair. He was seemingly helpless to move though faking in realityhowever, Barry finally regained his own speed and allowed Farooq to drain once more but the amount of power overloaded and killed Farooq, while the resulting energy fed back on Flash and charged up his speed further. After Flash defeated Farooq, Eobard made another log entry, stating that he had previously been mistaken and that Barry's desire to help others was the key to developing the Flash's potential, not Anger obstacle as he had thought.

Eobard later took a blood sample from Blackout's corpse, whilst signaling Mist to stay quiet, saying that he was interested in finding out how Blackout had drained Flash's powers. Eobard talking to Felicity about Oliver 's identity. After Rainbow Raider robbed a bank by forcing everyone inside to go angry and attempt Minuit LHeure Du Swing - Various - French Disco Boogie Sounds (1975-1984) murder each other, Eobard aided the team in figuring out how the man did.

However, they were distracted by the appearance of The Arrow of Starling City who both Eobard and Joe distrusted, due to the vigilante's previous body count and the terrorist attacks committed by Dark Archer and Deathstroke since he became active.

Barry, however, defend Arrow saying the vigilante is a hero and insisted the two were wrong but Eobard and Joe told Barry to see that Arrow is out of Central City by tonight. Eobard was already aware of Arrow's true identity presumably Sermon - Scott Tuma - Hard Again / The River (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album) of his future knowledge.

Later when Flash suffered the effects of Rainbow Raider's powers and went crazy and tried to murder Eddie, Eobard insisted Felicity call The Arrow for help, deliberately revealing Oliver's identity to Team Flash. Preparing a device to make Barry regain his own senses by Anger emotions via the colors of the emotional spectrum, Eobard and Joe arrived just as Flash and Arrow fought and used the device Anger restore Barry's stability.

Oliver left, felling that something was off about Eobard. As a thank you for their help, Barry gave Eobard, Cisco and Caitlin a Christmas present each, but Eobard declined Barry's offer of eggnog. To motivate Barry further, Eobard planned to attack as Reverse-Flash. A few hours later, Reverse-Flash stormed Mercury Labs looking for a tachyon prototype device, killing the guards yet was unable to reach the device due to the Les Biches - Brel* - Brel Vol.

2 sealing it away and he stormed off. Reverse-Flash later spied on Barry as the youth talked to Iris. Barry then noticed him and ran after him, demanding to know why he killed Nora, but Reverse-Flash instead challenged Barry to a fight in a stadium. Reverse-Flash proved to be the better speedster, severely beating Barry down using several coordinated attacks, but told Barry already knew the youth's identity, that they'd fought for a long time.

He also told Barry it would be destiny to die at his hands as it Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox Nora's, leaving the young speedster very confused. Later S. Labs orchestrated the trap using the tachyon prototype and lured the Reverse-Flash in, aided by Eddie's taskforce. But Eobard rigged a hologram of himself as Reverse-Flash that would answer only to Wells. Once the hologram was active, Eobard, Joe, Eddie and the taskforce went down stairs to "confront" Reverse-Flash.

As Eobard addressed his hologram, the force-field appeared to fail as nobody was inside for it to stabilize, Eobard Anger into the force-field so fast, it look like Reverse-Flash pulled him into the field, and trapping himself inside. In the field, Eobard created a lifelike speed mirage of himself then suiting up as Reverse-Flash in the place of his hologram and repeatedly punched his after image, making it appear to everyone else that Reverse-Flash was trying to kill him.

Reverse-Flash kills Eddie's taskforce in seconds without any effort but hesitates when he approaches Eddie, shoving the detective to the side rather than killing since Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox would risk his own existenceand attacks Joe. Reverse-Flash reminds Joe of being warned but before he can kill Joe, Flash intercepts and drags him outside. However, Reverse-Flash again proved superior to Flash, but he was timely stopped by a pyrokinetic meta-human.

Reverse-Flash vowed their fight wasn't over and ran off. Arriving back in time to take the place of his speed mirage, Eobard gets tended to by Caitlin and Cisco who profusely apologizes for the force-field failing. Though he assured Cisco it wasn't anyone's fault, Eobard expressed annoyance towards them for not informing him of Ronnie's survival, but assures Caitlin that they will find Ronnie. As his wounds healed, Eobard later Revealer - Ray Childish - Kalis Paradox the tachyon prototype on his Reverse-Flash suit.

While watching his device harness its power, he says "Merry Christmas" with his distorted voice. Eobard, Cisco, and Caitlin continue to train to improve Barry's speed using a drone to fire at.

After Cisco called the man in yellow the "Reverse-Flash", Eobard approved of the name unlike Caitlin. During Barry's battle with Snart and Rory, Eobard realized the best way to let Snart's and Rory's guns cross streams is to move slower. Later that night, Eobard is in his mansion to get off his wheelchair. He received a phone call then gets attacked. After Barry, Cisco and Caitlin arrive, Eobard told them he won't require their help with the case.

Barry realized it couldn't have been a teenage prank and Eobard told Barry he knew who it was. Eobard talking to Hartley. After Hartley is locked up in the meta-human prison, Eobard asked how Hartley figured out that The Flash worked with them and Eobard is told Hartley figured out through triangulation.

Eobard leaves Hartley and taunted him by claiming to know his "deep dark secret", Anger a level of worry from Eobard. Eobard returned to his team and admitted he knew there was a chance of the particle accelerator explosion, yet choose to proceed because Señorita - Puff Daddy & The Family - No Way Out the reward it could offer.

After Hartley escaped the prison, Eobard ran out of his secret room but collapsed to the ground after losing his speed. Hartley approached Eobard and asked Anger if Hartley was still "his guy". Eobard later decided to regain his team's trust by Anger admitting he was aware of the chance of the particle accelerator Anger.

He was then asked by Mason Bridge if he had any plans in the future of turning the particle accelerator on. When Hartley attacked the Keystone Cleveland DamFlash is quickly stopped with sound waves though Eobard transmitted waves through the cars at the damn, stopping Hartley.

Eobard then told he wished to one day regain the trust of the team but Barry told him he already had.


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